Short Painting Biography

Though I had always had an interest in drawing and painting when I was young
and liked to sketch and doodle, I didn't start creating art until the mid-eighties.

I was reading Jung at the time who emphasized the need for psychic
expression. I believe he said a man can quell his darker passions by spending
some time drawing or painting in bright colors every night. The colors he said,
awakened the unconscious.

I’m not sure the exercise quelled anything in me but I kept drawing and even
started buying paint and painting small canvases. There are two paintings I
recall doing. One I did was on a large canvas I got from a  restaurant closing. I
painted this vast scene of huge gray mountains and a blue sky. I painted a tiny
man standing atop one of the mountains in the middle. The other was a leafy
jungle scene, lush with foliage and several brightly colored flowers. Both came
out flat.

Flat was okay. I was attracted to the dynamics of color. By blending wet paints
on a canvas I learned I could get these wonderful shadings, washes and striking

In the early and mid-nineties I discovered Kandinsky’s and Klee’s incredible
colorful geometric works. I loved the colors of expressionists like Emile Nolde,
Franz Marc, Alexey Jawlensky, The Cobra Group etc.. I also began studying
color theory with Dallas artist Carolyn Ometiz and began drawing three
dimensional vases with pastels.

The art of putting colors together was both fascinating and joyful. The New
York Abstract Expressionists (Pollock, Krasner, etc) open the doors to the
beauty of pure color, color for it’s own sake.

I had a friend who was a wonderful artist with a keen sense of social
consciousness.  The purpose of art felt, was to wake people up to social
injustice and call attention to the disabling repression, especially sexual, of the
church and society as a whole.  One day he said, “I think you have a romantic
sense of art.”

I would agree him though not in the sense of the bleeding heart romantic. To
me painting is a means of reflecting nature’s beauty.